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Recommended amount:20-25%8-14%
Adults in United States, average :22-25%15-19%
Obese :30+%25+%

What is Body Fat

A person’s body fat is the total weight of his fat divided by his weight and consists of the total body mass plus the fat on his body parts. Body fat includes body muscles, bones, organs and muscles, as well as muscles and bone marrow. A living being is a person with a total mass of fat divided by his body mass multiplied by 100%. This includes all muscles and bones of the body, such as legs, hips, knees, back, arms and legs. The body fat percentage of the person is the total weight in his / her fat divided by his / her weight and consists of his / her total body weight plus muscles or bones in his / her body. 

How Total Body Fat is Calculated

If you weigh 200 pounds, your body fat percentage is 10% because 20 pounds of it is fat, and if you weigh 200 pounds, it is 20% fat. If you weigh 100 pounds and 20 pounds and 200 pounds are both fat and both are weightless, then your body fat percentage will be -10%. 

However, if you type in a search engine to calculate body fat, you may find that there are several ways to measure it. These include bioelectric impedance analyses found on some body parts – fat scales, skin folding, hydrostatic weighing (which can be expensive and difficult to find), and methods that include the circumference of different body parts. However, if you enter the question “How do I calculate my body fat?,” you will find that there are a number of different ways to measure body fat percentage. If you type “How to calculate body fat percentage” in a search engine If you choose “Body Mass Index,” you may find that there are several methods for measuring your body fat percentages, such as Body Mass Index (BMI) and Body Fat Index. 

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