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How Much Protein Does Your Body Needs

When determining your protein needs, you can determine a percentage of your total daily calories and intake a certain number of grams of protein per day. To determine your basic protein needs, people should figure out how many grams of protein they should eat per day for each of their body types and divide this sum by their 5 meals per day to distribute the absorption of the protein over a day, depending on body type. 

If you exercise regularly, you might want to consider eating a little more protein to help your muscles recover. If the amount of protein you need to trigger muscle maintenance is high, distribute it over a longer period of time

Another way to calculate how much protein you need per day is to multiply 0.8 grams of protein by one kilogram of body weight. If you find that you get enough protein from food sources, you can use protein supplements to achieve that number.

You need to work with your health care provider to determine how much protein you need each day, for both men and women, but you also need a protein supplement, such as protein powder, a protein bar, or protein shake as you like.

On the other hand, people hoping to lose weight or gain muscle can increase their protein intake by eating a high-protein diet. A good rule of thumb is to not eat more than 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

If you want to train hard, lift weights or gain in size, you can consume up to 1,000 grams (1 kg) per week. However, it seems to offer significant benefits for satiety and can be consumed in combination with other foods such as fruits and vegetables. 


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