Hottest Teen Christmas Gifts 2020 For Your Loved Ones

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Hey guys i am so excited because it’s Christmas time and i am giving you a hundred Christmas gift ideas, which is pretty crazy and i have some really good ideas, it took me a while but i got some good ones for you.

Christmas Led Lights

These are just so popular i just put them all around my room so they’re all up there and they’re just amazing you could also get some like shape led lights i have that lightning bolt i also have like a moon over there those are all on amazon

A Pair of Shoes

I’ve actually really been wanting these is platform high top converse i think they’re so in style go with everything i want them in like black or like beige would be also super cute i think they’re sold out in a lot of places but i’ll try to link a pair that i find down below for you guys okay staying with the whole shoes thing we have jordan so i really want jordans they’re very pricey for sure they sell them on goat but i just think they’re so cute.


Maybe for christmas you can ask for like a really nice perfume that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself there’s like the really well known brands like chanel and like dior and whatever like those are like super nice but just look in sephora they definitely have those there also if you want a less expensive option bath and body works has like body sprays and i have like the pumpkin like spice one and i wear that so much more than perfume 

Ugg Slippers

New like black furry strap ones i’ll insert a picture but they’re so cute like you could totally just wear those out like to target go to the mall anywhere with them but bath and body works honestly has like the perfect christmas gifts just everything inside and it’s all like christmas smelling i just went in there they just dropped all their christmas stuff very good very good

Pajama Sets

From victoria’s secret i know they always have sales like for black friday it’s like buy one get one free or something like that any pajama set honestly target has some really cute ones fuzzy socks target also has these i just got some the other day they’re so cute they have all the christmas ones 

Leather Pants

These are a huge trend right now um i really love them they are sold for pretty good prices at zara i definitely suggest that a lot of people get their ritzy ones but those are so so much money

Espresso Machine

I think the coffee from espresso machines is just so much better quality so it would be a perfect for this Christmas season


if you don’t want to get an espresso machine keurig very good i still like keurig it’s good i have like the dunkin donuts coffee pods and you can get a cute colored one like a pastel colored one i don’t know i feel like they have all different colors and like ways to make them a lot cuter 

iPhone Case

You can get some good quality iPhone cases from wildflower cases or caseify they both have super good cases honestly amazing i’m filming with my phone i would show you my case because it’s super cute i really really really really want a christmas phone case i think that would be so adorable 

Disney Plus Netflix Hulu

I think Christmas is the perfect time to ask for any subscription it’s like 10$ a month i think my favorite out of those honestly depends on my mood in winter i want Disney plus because all of the like Disney seasonal things but overall probably i would suggest hulu because they just have so many options and you can watch like live tv good you can watch bachelorette 


i use spotify i was using apple music honestly i think that i like spotify better

Pair of Jeans

You never want to like splurge on them i suggest erizia jeans like they’re very expensive but if you ask them for Christmas i think that’s a good idea so you can have a pair of jeans that will last you a really long.

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