Stevia Select 100% Pure Stevia Extract

1 Oz From The Sweet Leaf For Weight Loss, Pure and Great Stevia  Never Have Fillers Or Other Additives. People Who Cares About Their Diet And Diabetics Should Be Able To Eat Sweets Without Sacrificing Their Health Or Affecting Their Glycemic Levels


Product Description

Brand Stevia Select
Item Weight 1 Ounces
Item Form Granules

About Stevia Select

Stevia select Offers Organic, Non-Gmo, & Kosher Certified Stevia, which adds delightful Sweet Notes To Anything You Want To Sweeten, Without Making It Taste Bitter Or Unpleasant.

Easily Dissolves – No Excessive Stirring, Heating, Or Crunching Through Stubborn Sugar Granules. Stevia Powder Natural Sugar Substitute Dissolves Instantly In Hot And Cold Beverages Or Foods.

To Keep You Well – Providing Healthy, Plant-Based Products For Over 15 Years, Sweet Naturals Aims To Keep You Well, Build “Sweet” Relationships, And Make You Smile!

Totally Natural And Perfectly Sweet Stevia Powder Is Derived From Stevia Plant Extract, Making It Vegan.

It is pure Stevia, with no other artificial fillers or sweeteners. Almost every other Stevia product out there contains Erythritol or other agent that alters the carb count and flavor.


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