Stevia Sugar Free Powder Zero Calorie Natural Sweetener by Magic Leaf

100% Natural, sugar-free, and safe to use Stevia Powder, effortlessly substitute sugar in all your favourite recipes. It might be Baking, Cooking or even in your Tea and Coffee.


Stevia Leaf Extract, Levulose, Erythritol Herbal Excipients, Natural Flavors


About Magic Leaf Stevia Sugar-Free Powder

100% Stevia Made In India. From farming to manufacturing.

100% Natural & 0 Calories, Recommended for diabetic patients, No bitter aftertaste. Safest sugar alternative for everyone including pregnant women & kids

No Chemicals & No GMO

Contains anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties

Cooks Like sugar dishes and deserts.

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